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The potential for growth is endless and JBS is searching the world for ways to expand the business!JBSTM Carriers is a division of JBSTM USA, one of the largest protein companies in the world, with sales in 2009 expected to exceed $20 billion dollars. Internationally, JBSTM USA is the largest beef processor in Brazil and Australia. Domestically, JBSTM USA is the largest cattle feeder in the US and is one of the largest beef and pork processors in the nation. The on-time delivery service that JBSTM Carriers provides to our beef and pork customers is a value-added process that makes JBSTM products the number one brand of meat distributors. The JBSTM Carriers driver family is made up of a group of service-minded professsionals that truly fit the image of company ambassadors. We look forwar...

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